Henryka – UK – have increased their product range considerably

At Henryka pride ourselves on having only the best quality unique Baltic amber and silver jewellery and yet keeping it surprisingly affordable.
Each piece is handcrafted and no two pieces are ever the same.

Henryka have increased their product range considerably and now offer one of the most diverse and unique collections of Amber in the UK.

Since the Company formation in 2006, we have taken an immense amount of time and effort to develop our relationships with the best manufacturers of amber jewellery in Gdansk, Poland.

Henryka are now able to work alongside the craftsmen combining our jewellery designs and their crafting skills.

In doing so we are able to bring to the market place Amber as you have never seen it before.

Henryka offer an extensive range of designs and we are sure you’ll find pieces you love as much as we do.

High quality, Henryka have over 2000 products.

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